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Let's Create Your Portraits

Creating timeless family and pet portraits is an art form that requires careful planning.

To provide you with a great service and bespoke display options, our aim is to create portraits for you to cherish for many, many years to come. 

To help you get the very best out of your portrait session, perhaps you would be kind enough to please take a look at our clothing guide, session tips and display options.

You can easily access this information by clicking on the links highlighted, or by scrolling down on this page. 



What To Wear - A Suggested Clothing Guide For Your Portrait Session

Here are some key points to remember when deciding what clothes to choose for your session.

* Solid colours are best, so avoid large or bold patterns, checks, logos and bright colours. 

* Long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended, though short sleeves are acceptable for infants and children.

* Long trousers are preferable to shorts - please don’t mix long trousers and shorts on different people for the same session.  

* Carefully select appropriate shoes and skirts, trousers etc, as we may take some full-length portraits.

* Darker clothing tends to minimize body size and lighter tones tend to emphasize body size.

* Necklines are important, a “Vee” or “scoop” neck is best for people with shorter necks and fuller faces. A polo neck or high necked garment is more flattering for people with longer necks and slender faces.

* Please dress everyone in the same style of clothing - it's best not to mix casual and formal attire.

* Keep the tonal range of clothing within the group the same. Don't mix light and dark clothing. 

* To assure a successful portrait, it's best to bring along several additional clothing choices so that we can help you get the very best out of your session.

On the Day Of Your Session - A Few Tips

* Family portraits are an investment in memories, to be cherished for many years to come. We realise that there be more than one person involved in deciding which portraits to invest in. We therefore kindly request that everybody who will be involved in making these choices is present at your portrait session.

* Please consider where in your home you may display your portraits, as we can design wall art to suit the wall space available in your home.